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1. Langmuir. 2012 Mar 6. [Epub ahead of print]

Ultrafast Photodynamics of Drugs in Nanocavities: Cyclodextrins and Human Serum
Albumin Protein.

Douhal A, Martin C, Gil M, Cohen B.

In this Feature article, we discuss recent advances in studying ultrafast
dynamical and structural aspects of host-guest interactions. Steady-state and
time-resolved techniques exploring events from femto- to nanosecond regime were
used to examine the ultrafast photodynamics and subsequent events in selected
nanostructures of the formed complexes. These consist on aromatic systems,
biologically relevant molecules and drugs trapped within cyclodextrins (CD) and
human serum albumin (HSA) protein pockets. We examine the effects exerted by
these chemical and biological cavitands on the internal twisting motions, proton-
and charge-transfer, and cis-trans isomerization reactions which may occur in the
confined molecular systems. In addition, the influence of restricting environment
on the interaction of guest molecules with biological water is considered. The
dynamical details of the complexes (diffusion, early interactions, formation,
stability, internal guest diffusion and conformational changes), as well as the
excited state relaxation pathways, rate constants of the involved processes and
changes in the electronic distribution within encapsulated guests gave the clues
to elucidate their photobehavior, and are relevant to photostability and delivery
of drugs when using nanocarriers.

PMID: 22394055 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]