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Thresholds for pulse wave velocity, urine albumin creatinine ratio and left ventricular mass index using SCORE, Framingham and ESH/ESC risk charts.

J Hypertens. 2012 Aug 4;

Authors: Sehestedt T, Jeppesen J, Hansen TW, Rasmussen S, Wachtell K, Ibsen H, Torp-Pedersen C, Olsen MH


AIMS:: Markers of subclinical target organ damage (TOD) increase cardiovascular (CV) risk prediction beyond traditional risk factors. We wanted to establish thresholds for three markers of TOD based on absolute CV risk in different risk chart categories. METHODS AND RESULTS:: In a cohort of 1968 healthy patients, we measured urine albumin creatine ratio (UACR), pulse wave velocity (PWV), left ventricular mass index (LVMI) and traditional risk factors. Patients were categorized according to Systemic Coronary Evaluation (SCORE), European Society of Hypertension/European Society of Cardiology (ESH/ESC) risk chart and Framingham risk score (FRS) and three corresponding endpoints were recorded: CV death (SCORE-endpoint), a composite of CV death and nonfatal myocardial infarction and stroke (ESH/ESC-endpoint), and a composite that also included hospital admissions for ischemic heart disease, heart failure, peripheral arterial disease and transient cerebral ischemic attack (FRS-endpoint). During a median follow of 12.8 years events totaled 81 SCORE-, 153 ESH/ESC-endpoints and 280 FRS-endpoints. Thresholds for UACR, PWV and LVMI are presented using 10-year risk threshold of more than 5% (SCORE-endpoint), more than 10%(ESH/ESC-endpoint) and more than 20%(FRS-endpoint), which indicated high risk and eligibility for primary prevention. As an example, the threshold was 0.83 mg/mmol, 13.7 m/s and 119 g/m for UACR, PWV and LVMI, respectively, for patients at moderate added risk according to ESH/ESC risk chart. CONCLUSION:: Thresholds for UACR, PVW and LVMI based on absolute risk have primarily impact on risk stratification in patients with intermediate risk. The thresholds for PWV and LVMI in patients with moderate risk according to the ESH/ESC risk chart were similar to currently applied thresholds whereas the threshold for UACR was considerable lower than the threshold for microalbuminuria.

PMID: 22871892 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]