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The potential clinical utility of serial plasma albumin mRNA monitoring for the post-liver transplantation management.

Clin Biochem. 2013 Apr 30;

Authors: Chan WY, Wong J, Lai BS, Lo YM, Chiu WK


OBJECTIVES: Elevated albumin (ALB) mRNA concentration has been reported in the plasma of patients with liver diseases. The plasma ALB mRNA measurement was shown to be an effective indicator of liver pathologies with superior diagnostic sensitivity and specificity when compared with alanine transaminase (ALT). We hypothesized that serial plasma ALB mRNA analysis would be helpful in the early detection and monitoring of post-liver transplantation complications. DESIGN AND METHODS: One hundred and five blood specimens were collected from 24 post-transplant recipients. Biochemical liver function test profiles and plasma ALB mRNA concentrations were assessed. RESULTS: Over the study period, the health status of 14 recipients (58%) remained stable (Stable group). Their plasma ALB mRNA concentrations remained within a low-concentration range. In contrast, 10 recipients (42%) developed 14 episodes of hepatic complications (Unstable group). The median plasma ALB mRNA concentration of the Unstable group was 6.5-times higher than that of the Stable group. Plasma ALB mRNA concentration was elevated on 13/14 (93%) episodes of the hepatic complications while ALT was elevated only on 8/14 (57%) episodes. CONCLUSIONS: The elevation of plasma ALB mRNA may allow sensitive detection of hepatic complications and monitoring of the clinical course in a dynamic fashion. Serial plasma ALB mRNA measurement is potentially useful for post-liver transplantation management.

PMID: 23643885 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]