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The modified action of triphenyllead chloride on UVB-induced effects in albumin and lipids.

Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 2012 Dec 18;

Authors: Gabrielska J, Sekowski S, Zukowska I, Przestalski S, Zamaraeva M


Previously we have shown a toxic effect of the organometallic compound triphenyllead (TPhPb) on cells. In the present study we evaluated the destructive effect of TPhPb on model systems - serum albumin and liposome membranes - alone and under UVB irradiation. UVB irradiation of bovine serum albumin results in protein SS bond reduction, free SH and CO group formation and decrease in fluorescence intensity of tryptophans. Triphenyllead chloride alone and under UVB irradiation did not induce protein oxidation, measured as formation of carbonyl groups, in serum albumin; however, it decreased the content of SH groups in both cases (alone and under UVB radiation) in a dose-dependent manner. It was found that triphenyllead chloride alone did not induce lipid peroxidation of liposomes but increased their fluidity. However, under UVB irradiation TPhPb dramatically enhances the pro-oxidant action of UVB in a manner dependent on concentration and intensity of radiation, and these effects were suppressed by Trolox. These results suggest that the toxicity of TPhPb under UVB irradiation is due to formation of radical forms of the compound and its disordered effects on the membrane structure.

PMID: 23260240 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]