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The effect of anaesthesia technique on maternal and cord blood ischaemia-modified albumin levels during caesarean section: A randomized controlled study.

J Int Med Res. 2013 Jul 15;

Authors: Omür D, Hacivelioglu SO, Oguzalp H, Uyan B, Kiraz HA, Duman C, Tütüncüler FK, Hanci V


OBJECTIVE: Ischaemia-modified albumin (IMA) is an early marker for various ischaemic events, including cardiac ischaemia. This study determined variations in IMA levels during caesarean section, performed under general anaesthesia or with combined spinal epidural anaesthesia.

METHODS: Full-term, healthy pregnant women were allocated to undergo caesarean section, using either general anaesthesia or combined spinal epidural anaesthesia. IMA and albumin levels were measured in maternal serum samples taken immediately prior to caesarean section and 30 min into the procedure, as well as from serum taken from cord blood after double clamping.

RESULTS: At total of 51 healthy pregnant women underwent either general anaesthesia (n = 28) or combined spinal epidural anaesthesia (n = 23). Within-group analysis of the general anaesthesia group showed that both IMA levels and IMA/albumin ratios were significantly higher at 30 min of surgery compared with the immediate preoperative period.

CONCLUSIONS: Lower IMA levels in the combined spinal epidural anaesthesia group may have been due to improved balancing of oxidative stress during caesarean section. Further research on IMA levels during caesarean section should take into account the method of anaesthesia used.

PMID: 23857160 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]