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Study of high-resolution h1 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of the serum and its albumin faction in patients with the first schizophrenia episode.

Bull Exp Biol Med. 2012 Apr;152(6):748-51

Authors: Babushkina TA, Klimova TP, Peregudov AS, Gryzunov YA, Smolina NV, Dobretsov GE, Uzbekov MG


We studied high-resolution(1)H nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of the serum and serum albumin from patients with the first episode of schizophrenia and healthy individuals. A relative increase in signal intensities of CH(2)protons in serum LDL and VLDL in schizophrenia was demonstrated. Higher intensities of CH(2)and CH(3)protons of non-esterified fatty acids were found in(1)H nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of serum albumin. These data attest to an essential role of changes in lipid metabolism and changed ligand load of albumin in schizophrenia.

PMID: 22803180 [PubMed - in process]