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Serum ferroxidase albumin ratio as a marken in pulmonary tuberculosis.

Indian J Clin Biochem. 2007 Sep;22(2):106-8

Authors: Batra HS, Singh P, Somani BL, Gupta A, Sampath S, Ambade V


Serum ferroxidase and albumin levels were determined in 98 patients of tubercuiosis, of whom 49 were freshly diagnosed, sputum positive (group-I) & 49 were completely treated patients (group-II). Forty nine age and sex matched healthy individuals were taken as controls. Mean±SD of serum ferroxidase and albumin levels in controls, group-I and group-II was found to be 864.35±106.35 IU/L & 3.91±0.234 g/dL, 1603.76±222.65 IU/L & 3.24±0.518 g/dL and 1001.78±201.63 IU/L & 3.82±0.43 g/dL, respectively. Serum ferroxidase in group I was significantly higher as compared to controls and group-II (p<0.01). The decreased levels of serum albumin in group I, as compared to control and group-II was statistically significant (p<0.01). Serum ferroxidase: albumin ratio (Ferroxidase in International Unit per gram of albumin) in group I (50.47±10.36 IU/g) was significantly higher than controls (22.22±3.3 IU/g), (p<0.001) while in group II it was significantly lower (26.72±7.18 IU/g, p<0.001) than group-I and close to control values. Serum ferroxidase: albumin ratio (IU/g) can therefore be incorporated as a surrogate marker to assist in diagnosis and prognosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.

PMID: 23105694 [PubMed]