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Serum albumin enhances bone healing in a nonunion femoral defect model in rats: a computer tomography micromorphometry study.

Int Orthop. 2013 Jan 15;

Authors: Skaliczki G, Schandl K, Weszl M, Major T, Kovács M, Skaliczki J, Szendrői M, Dobó-Nagy C, Lacza Z


PURPOSE: Blood-derived proliferative factors such as platelet rich plasma or activated plasma are promising adjuvants for bone grafts. Our earlier studies showed that serum albumin itself can markedly enhance the proliferation of stem cells on bone allograft and postulated that albumin coating alone may improve bone graft integration in vivo. METHODS: Two femoral defect models were performed in adult male Wistar rats. In the critical size model a six millimetre gap was created in the midshaft of the femur and fixed with plate and screws, while a nonunion model was established by the interposition of a spacer in the osteotomy for four weeks which resulted in compromised healing and nonunion. Albumin coated and uncoated grafts were placed into the defects. Bone healing and morphometry were evaluated by μCT and histology four weeks after implantation of the grafts. RESULTS: In the critical size model none of the bone grafts were able to bridge the defect, and graft resorption was the typical outcome. In the nonunion model regular uncoated grafts had a low union rate (two out of six), which increased markedly when albumin coating was applied (six out of eight). Trabecular thickness and pattern factor improved significantly in the albumin coated group versus uncoated or empty controls. CONCLUSIONS: Our results showed that serum albumin coating of bone grafts can enhance the remodelling and efficacy of treatment in a nonunion model.

PMID: 23318937 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]