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HSA programs for groups: employer versus employee responsibilities.

Benefits Q. 2012;28(3):43-51

Authors: Johnson WR


Employers implementing a health savings account (HSA) program face a shared compliance burden with their employees. The law dictates that all HSAs are individual accounts that must be opened by an Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-approved custodian or trustee. The individual account features combined with a required third-party custodian place much of the compliance burden for HSAs on the employee and custodian rather than the employer. Employees are compensated for the additional burden because HSAs give them more control over their health care money, and employers are generally pleased with their own reduced compliance burden. The shared compliance responsibilities, however, create confusion and misunderstanding for both employers and employees. This article distinguishes between the responsibilities of the employer and the employees for HSAs.

PMID: 22950182 [PubMed - in process]