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Highly Sensitive Quantitation of Human Serum Albumin in Clinical Samples for Hypoproteinemia using Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence.

J Fluoresc. 2012 Oct 11;

Authors: Zhang Y, Mali BL, Aitken C, Geddes CD


In this paper, we have explored metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF) of the Human serum albumin indicators: Albumin Blue 580, Merocyanine 540 and Bromophenol Blue in close proximity to silver nano-particles, SiFs, from both buffered and clinical samples. The photostability of the Albumin Blue 580 is shown to be much more prolonged from the SiFs as compared to glass (a control sample), potentially allowing for longer detection times to further improve assay statistics. Our findings suggest the widespread use of nanoparticulate SiFs surfaces for the enhanced detection of HSA, particularly for Hypoproteinemia, where an enhanced assay performance at low protein abundance is required.

PMID: 23054300 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]