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Enhanced Neuroprotection by Local Intra-Arterial Infusion of Human Albumin Solution and Local Hypothermia.

Stroke. 2012 Nov 27;

Authors: Chen J, Fredrickson V, Ding Y, Cheng H, Wang N, Ling F, Ji X


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: We investigated the potential benefit of using a local infusion of low-dose and cold human albumin in ischemic rats as compared with systemic delivery. METHODS: Stroke was induced in rats, and at 2 hours treatment groups received 0°C saline or low-dose albumin at 0°C or 37°C infused into the ischemic area. RESULTS: The local low-dose cold albumin infusion, which achieved the hypothermic temperature (P<0.001), produced the greatest reduction in infarct volume and the best recovery of neurological function. CONCLUSIONS: The local low-dose cold albumin infusion into the ischemic area offered a combination of regional brain hypothermia and albumin administration, which enhanced neuroprotection and would be beneficial in the clinical setting.

PMID: 23192754 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]