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Efficient Removal of Serum Bilirubin by a Novel Artificial Liver Support System Using Albumin Convection: A Pilot Study.

Blood Purif. 2012 Oct 18;34(3):201-208

Authors: Gong D, Ji D, Zhu D, Xu B, Liu Z


Background/Aims: To compare the efficacy of a new artificial liver support system, fractionated plasma separation and adsorption integrated with hemofiltration, with the old system, plasma adsorption. Methods: Sixteen patients with acute liver failure each received a first session of treatment using the old system, in which plasma was perfused through an adsorber. They then received a second session using the new system, in which albumin-rich plasma separated using a fraction plasma separator was ultrafiltrated using a hemofilter and perfused through an adsorber before being returned to blood. Results: The new system had a higher clearance of bilirubin and slower decline of clearance over time. There was a lower reduction ratio of bilirubin, bile acid, urea, and creatinine; longer prolongation of coagulation parameters; and greater decline in albumin level using the old system compared with the new one. Conclusions: Use of the novel system results in more efficient removal of toxins and fewer deterious effects than the old system.

PMID: 23095438 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]