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Effects of Fatty acids on human serum albumin binding centers.

Bull Exp Biol Med. 2012 Jul;153(3):323-6

Authors: Dobretsov GE, Syrejshchikova TI, Smolina NV, Uzbekov MG


Albumin is a carrier of nonesterified long-chain fatty acids and many other ligands. The status of its binding centers was studied for various proportions of nonesterified long-chain fatty acids and albumin as exemplified by palmitic acid. The status of the binding center was tested by recording K-35 probe fluorescence decay in the subnanosecond band. This method showed the work of three types of centers. Palmitic acid enhanced binding activity of all centers, though to a different degree: if the palmitic acid/albumin proportion increased to 2-3, the probe binding to type 1 centers (located in the drug center I region) increased 1.5 times, while binding to type 3 centers increased more than 3-fold. Modification of these centers by nonesterified long-chain fatty acids was similar in the isolated human albumin preparation and in diluted blood serum. Hence, K-35 probe showed the actual status of various albumin centers, their binding capacity depending to a different measure on the fatty acid charge of albumin.

PMID: 22866302 [PubMed - in process]