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Effectiveness of albumin-conjugated gossypol as an immunogen to prevent gossypol-associated acute hepatotoxicity in rats.

Food Chem Toxicol. 2013 Feb 25;

Authors: Fonseca NB, Gadelha IC, Oloris SC, Soto-Blanco B


Gossypol is a highly reactive compound present in cotton (Gossypium spp.). The aim of this work was to determine whether the administration of gossypol conjugated to albumin can immunize rats and thereby prevent the acute hepatotoxicity associated with gossypol. The first experiment consisted of administering the immunogen gossypol-BSA, with or without the Freund's incomplete adjuvant, to rats. The production of antibodies against gossypol was subsequently verified. The second experiment comprised three groups of Wistar rats: VG, CG and CO. The rats from the VG cohort were injected with gossypol-BSA associated with Freund's incomplete adjuvant, and the animals from the CG and CO groups were injected with saline solution. After 21 days, the rats from the VG and CG cohorts were treated with 30 mg/kg of gossypol by intraperitoneal injection, whereas the rats from the CO group received corn oil. After 24 hours, the rats were evaluated for clinical signs of pathology, and their serum was biochemically analyzed. It was found that gossypol promoted hepatotoxic effects that were not prevented by the administration of gossypol-BSA. In conclusion, the administration of gossypol-BSA associated with Freund's incomplete adjuvant may be lightly to prevent the acute hepatotoxicity associated with gossypol.

PMID: 23485613 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]