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Doping Human Serum Albumin with Retinoate Markedly Enhances Electron Transport Across the Protein.

J Am Chem Soc. 2012 Oct 23;

Authors: Amdursky N, Pecht I, Sheves M, Cahen D


Electrons can migrate via proteins over distances that are considered long for non-conjugated systems. The nano-scale dimensions of proteins and their enormous structural and chemical flexibility makes them fascinating subjects for exploring their electron transport (ETp) capacity. One particular attractive direction is that of tuning their ETp efficiency by "doping" them with small molecules. Here we report that binding of retinoate (RA) to human serum albu-min (HSA) increases the solid-state electronic conductance of a monolayer of the protein by > 2 orders of magnitude for RA/HSA ≥ 3. Temperature dependence ETp measurements show that with increasing RA/HSA: a) The temperature-independent current magnitude of the low temperature (<190K) regime increases significantly (>300 fold), suggesting a decrease in the distance-decay constant of the process. b) The activation energy of the thermally-activated regime (>190K) decreases from 220 meV (RA/HSA=0) to 70 meV (RA/HSA≥3).

PMID: 23092509 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]