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Diosmin binding to human serum albumin and its preventive action against degradation due to oxidative injuries.

Biochimie. 2013 Jul 22;

Authors: Barreca D, Laganà G, Bruno G, Magazù S, Bellocco E


Diosmin is a glycosilated polyphenolic compound, commonly found in fruits and vegetables, which is utilized for the pharmacological formulation of some drugs. The interactions of diosmin to human serum albumin have been investigated by fluorescence, UV-visible, FTIR spectroscopy, native electrophoresis and protein-ligand docking studies. The fluorescence studies indicate that the binding site of the additive involves modifications of environment around Trp214 at the level of subdomain IIA. Combining the curve-fitting results of infrared Amide I' band, the modifications of protein secondary structure have been estimated, indicating a decrease in α-helix structure following flavonoid binding. Data obtained by fluorescence and UV-visible spectroscopy, FTIR experiments and molecular modeling afforded a clear picture of the association mode of diosmin to HSA, suggesting that the primary binding site of diosmin is located in Sudlow's site I. Computational mapping confirms this observation suggesting that the possible binding site of diosmin is located in the hydrophobic cavity of subdomain IIA, whose microenvironment is able to help and stabilize the binding of the ligand in non-planar conformation. Moreover the binding of diosmin to HSA significantly contributes to protect the protein against degradation due to HCLO and Fenton reaction.

PMID: 23886889 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]