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Determination of some hydrodynamic parameters of ovine serum albumin solutions using viscometric measurements.

J Biol Phys. 2005 May;31(2):219-32

Authors: Monkos K


The influence of protein concentration and temperature on the viscosity of ovine serum albumin (OSA) solutions was studied. The Mooney equation and a modified Arrhenius formula were used to described the viscosity-concentration and viscosity-temperature dependence of the solutions, respectively. The effective specific volume, the activation energy and entropy of viscous flow for hydrated OSA were calculated. The axial ratio and the dimensions of the main semi-axes of hydrated OSA were established. At low concentration limit, the temperature dependence of the intrinsic viscosity and Huggins coefficient is presented. Comparison of some hydrodynamic parameters obtained for different proteins has been made.

PMID: 23345893 [PubMed]